Main waterfront in Split, Croatia

One of the first and most common questions when it comes to planning your trip is how many days you should spend in Split, Croatia

It is not an easy task to give you a direct answer to that question so we will list a couple of possible scenarios which could help you determine what the ideal duration of your stay in Split could be depending on what you want to see and do.


If you have only one day to spend in Split we certainly recommend that you explore the old town. One day will be enough to explore the sites of historical importance and the way of life in this Mediterranean gem.

The old town is the most vivid part of the city where the most important sites are located. There are many things to do in a small area and all being within walking distance means you don’t have to use any kind of transportation to move around.    

You can explore Diocletian’s Palace and the Venetian part of the old town for which we recommend you take a tour guide. It will save you time and bring you clarity about the most important sites with fascinating stories behind them.

An explosion of colors and flavors of Dalmatia and the Mediterranean awaits you at green and fish markets which are also worth seeing to feel the vibes and rush of the local markets. You can find souvenirs all around the old town. If you are into history, there are two museums located in the old town, the Ethnographic Museum and the Museum of the city of Split.

Finish exploring the old town by climbing up the stairs of the bell tower of the St. Domnius cathedral and enjoy a magnificent view of the city of Split.

There are many restaurants in the old town so you don’t have to worry about where to have lunch and dinner. Everyone can find a restaurant that suits their taste but we advise you to try some of our local dishes such as the famous pašticada.

Finish your visit in style by taking a stroll down Marmontova street towards the main waterfront promenade called Riva. The ritual of having a cup of coffee in one of the numerous bars on the promenade is a must-do for everyone!



If you plan on staying in Split for three days, then you have more time and opportunity to explore the city beyond the old town. All that was previously mentioned represents a “mandatory program” for everyone visiting Split and should be included no matter how long you stay. 

There are many places worth visiting outside of the old town. One of the most important is certainly Marjan forest park. This big park on the west side of the city is visible and easily approachable from the main promenade. You can spend the whole day at Marjan, doing different sports activities, picnicking, hiking to the viewpoints, or spending time at the beach.

Upon returning from Marjan moving towards the city center, on the south side of the park you will see the Gallery of Ivan Meštrović, the most famous Croatian sculptor with a priceless collection of works, and just next to it, is the Museum of Croatian Archeological Monuments which are both worth a visit. Moreover, that south route from Marjan back to the old town is the route that leads to the beautiful Sustipan park. Ultimately walk across the Sports Walk of Fame on the west side of the Riva promenade while enjoying a beautiful view of the ACI marina and the nearby islands.

Walking from Riva across the city port you will reach Bačvice beach. Most popular city beach from where you can start your beach walk along the coastline. This is a great way of spending your time in Split if you are a beach lover. Many different types of beaches are reachable along this coastline. In addition, there is a restaurant or a bar where you can enjoy a meal or a drink in the vicinity of almost any beach.

The Archeological Museum of Split and Poljud Stadium, home of the most famous Croatian football club Hajduk Split, are located in the northern part of the city. If you are a football fan check out the matchday schedules because the stadium atmosphere can truly be electrifying.

In the wider area of Split, just on the outskirts of the old town, there are many old neighborhoods like Veli Varoš and Radunica with Gripe fortress at its top. Lose yourself in a labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets and discover how the peasants lived in the old part of Split.

Everything mentioned in these previous two sections can be organized according to your schedule and based on your needs but three days will be enough to cover all areas of Split.


Three days in Split gives you enough time to see the whole city but a week in Split allows you to explore its surrounding areas. With this option, you can use Split as your home base and travel around Central Dalmatia.

Many historical and natural sites are located within 30 minutes drive from Split. The ancient roman ruins of Salona, the Klis fortress perched on a cliff offering a marvelous view, and Vranjača cave are a must-see if you take the northern road leading from Split towards the Dalmatian hinterland. 

Trogir, a beautiful medieval town that can sometimes be referred to as a museum in the open is located at a distance of only 30 km westward from Split, and on the way, you can make a stop and visit the stunning Vitturi castle. 

The eastern route takes you to Omiš, a city known for its natural beauty and its adventure-based content. Omiš is situated at the delta of the Cetina river surrounded by mountains that form an impressive canyon. This is a place where you can zipline or try rafting, climbing, and hiking, and you should check it out if you like these types of activities.

At about an hour and a half drive from Split, you can visit Šibenik and Krka National Park. The same amount of time is needed to visit the Dalmatian hinterland which is still an undiscovered gem for many tourists. Or you can take a day trip to Mostar and Kravice in Bosnia and Herzegovina, just at the border with Croatia.

Last but not least, we recommend taking a trip to the islands. Brač, Hvar, Šolta, and Vis are the closest islands, and all of them have a ferry or catamaran line with Split. Each of them has something specific to offer, so do your research and pick your favorite. You can also choose from numerous boat tours departing from Split which often include visits to multiple islands.  


We hope that we provided you with information that can help you determine how many days you should spend in Split and how to best plan your holiday here. There are many more details to mention but in general, this is a short overview of everything you can do. Now that we answered the first question, you can start planning your holiday in deep!