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Hi, future companion!

       I am writing this section to show you why I could be the perfect choice for your tour guide in Split, Croatia. First, let me tell you something about myself.

      I was born and raised in Split. As a child, I remember the heritage and natural beauty surrounding me. Diocletian's Palace was my playground and not much has changed since then. Split and its surroundings still hold my breath. I have a degree in tourism and hospitality management and I am a licensed tourist guide for Split-Dalmatia County. My work history consists of 10 years spent in the tourism industry. Between absorbing the history and beauty of my home and pursuing passions, I realized that being a tour guide in Split is my dream job.

       Working and living in a tourist town, I learned how to provide the best service, knowledge and expertise

      The idea for creating Route Dalmatia is a combination of my three passions, Dalmatia, travel, and love for hospitality. Route Dalmatia lies on the research and findings of archaeologists and historians who have worked in this area. Monuments in Dalmatia are one of the world's oldest and important UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

      My mission is to show you monuments and tell stories that have defined today's region, culture, lifestyle, and art. I will adapt to your needs and make sure you have a complete picture of the people who came before and what they did for the people who came after. You will have my commitment and full attention as I love to work with small groups. I am the guide who discovers places and seeks out the best stories. My life aspiration is to pass on my knowledge and discoveries to a broad audience. Therefore, I write a blog where you can read plenty of fascinating things about Dalmatia.

      I strongly advocate for sustainable tourism because without preserved nature and heritage there is no tourism. It is essential to make optimal use of environmental resources and help to protect natural heritage and biodiversity. One must respect the socio-cultural authenticity of the destination, preserve their built and living cultural heritage and traditional values and contribute to intercultural understanding and tolerance.

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Private tours from Split are carefully designed so you can experience the historical, architectural, and cultural heritage of Dalmatia. Visiting the most interesting localities of Dalmatia will make your holiday divine. Original itineraries, a local licensed guide, privacy, and all-inclusiveness are the key advantages of the Route Dalmatia tours.
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Our guide will open the doors of Dalmatia underground in gastronomy, attractions, activities, and local customs. Walk through these cobbled streets while glancing at the Adriatic Sea through the eyes of the locals. Entangle in Mediterranean life with the best tips and tricks. With our guide, you will avoid tourist traps and get the best experience and value for your holiday.
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Fortress architecture on the left with Klis valley and Mosor mountain on the right of the photo.


The blog section is for those who want to reveal more about Dalmatia. With our articles, you will enter layer by layer deep into the core of Dalmatia, and you will find great discoveries. Without fear, read to connect with Dalmatia, history, and inner self. Be brave in your decisions to find out the truth about the path you are treading.
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