Main waterfront in Split, Croatia

Find out all the tips and tricks for your holiday in Dalmatia. In these guides, you will find recommendations on accommodation, food, monuments, bars, and more. When we travel, we always look for a local friend who will show us the best spots where you can feel the vibe of the city. This guide is your future travel companion, and it will never let you down. Embark on your journey in Dalmatia with these sweet tips and tricks.

Please be advised that these guides are always in development and you can always find something new when you come back.


Route Dalmatia guides are your best travel companion. There is no doubt that these tips will be of great use to you for your trip to Dalmatia.

Dalmatia Guide

Dalmatian coast, hinterland and islands are the components for understanding Dalmatia. Three parts of Dalmatia are crucial in getting a portrait of the region and people who came before us and what kind of legacy they left.
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Split Guide

Split is a magnificent city that carries such positive energy and glorious life. Elements such as Roman history, great artists and sports, and a vibrant community make this city unique. Our guide will help you get into this spectacular city.
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