Unpaved road in between two ancient blocks of stones that are ancient doors of a local amphitheater in Salona.Unpaved road in between two ancient blocks of stones that are ancient doors of a local amphitheater in Salona.
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Walk the path of the Dalmatian ancestors

Route Dalmatia provides private tours through localities that carry the history of Dalmatia and writes articles that make you fall in love with this region
Tour guide Mario with focus on his head and a blue background. He has sunglasses, brown hair and slightly smiles.


Route Dalmatia tours are led by Mario, a professional travel guide with many years of experience in storytelling. Outgoing and clever Mario will show you the sites that defined Dalmatia as we see it today. He will give you an insight into this region. We travel because we want to experience the diversity and culture of the part of the world we visit. Route Dalmatia will bring you historical, architectural, and natural discoveries combined with the real-life experience of the people who live here every day. With Mario, you will become a full-blooded Dalmatian.
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Private Tours

Route Dalmatia tours are the best way to explore surrounding areas of Split. These private tours from Split are carefully designed so you can experience the historical, cultural, and natural heritage of Dalmatia. 
Get to know the real meaning of Dalmatia!

Coastal Tour

Route: Salona - Vitturi castle - Trogir
Duration: 6 hours
Max people: 4
Departure: 8.30 am from Split area
Language: english
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Fortress architecture on the left with Klis valley and Mosor mountain on the right of the photo.

Split Hinterland Tour

Route: Klis fortress - Stella Croatica - Vranjača cave
Duration: 6 hours
Max people: 4
Departure: 8.30 am from Split area
Language: english
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Krka Waterfalls Tour

Route: Trogir - Krka National Park
Duration: 7 hours
Max people: 4
Departure: 8.00 am from Split area
Language: english
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Unique itineraries

Route Dalmatia has a carefully designed itinerary for each tour so you can get most of the planned route and your time. In half a day, you will be able to discover historical and natural wonders and hear impressive stories about them.

Best sites around Split

When you book a tour with Route Dalmatia, you will visit the most important sites around Split, as well as hidden gems along the way. There is always something unique and different in our offer from all other agencies.


Route Dalmatia insists on private tours. With small groups, a guide can devote time to each member and question. These tours are designed so you can capture all the information loud and clear.


Route Dalmatia guides are your best travel companion. There is no doubt that these tips will be of great use to you for your trip to Dalmatia.

Dalmatia Guide

Dalmatian coast, hinterland and islands are the components for understanding Dalmatia. Three parts of Dalmatia are crucial in getting a portrait of the region and people who came before us and what kind of legacy they left.
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Split Guide

Split is a magnificent city that carries such positive energy and glorious life. Elements such as Roman history, great artists and sports, and a vibrant community make this city unique. Our guide will help you get into this spectacular city.
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Expand your knowledge of Dalmatia by reading the Route Dalmatia blog. Our blog consists of compelling stories backed by relevant research.
Central courtyard of the Diocletian's Palace with a view of a beautiful south facade with ancient columns and covered with a barrel-vaulted roof.

Diocletian's Palace

Discover one of the best-preserved Roman palaces in the world and learn about its rich history, impressive architecture and how to make the most of your visit.

Špilja Vranjača

geomorphological phenomenon


roman ruins and archeological park

Klis Fortress

the key fortress of Dalmatia

Castle Vitturi

the story of a fortress at sea